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Intelligence Technologies

Alliance Medica Capital has partnerships with leading international high tech companies, offering products and software solutions for multiple sectors, among which:

–  Financial institutions/ Banking sector – Solutions to optimize offers and cross sales, contact center service optimization, credit risk management, fraud and  financial crime management, cyber intelligence, optimize financial performance

–  National security – solutions for Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis, Border Security, Cyber Risk

–  Defense – Re-establishing civilian Infrastructures, Counter-Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis, Target Analysis and Defense, Peacekeeping, Force Protection, Human Terrain Mapping

–  Private Sector – Security Investigations, Industry Oversight & Compliance, Cybercrime, Risk Management, Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud

–  Government – Industry Oversight & Compliance, Cybercrime, Securities Investigations, Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud

Products, services and solutions could be personalized based on specific needs and individual request.