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AI University Lab

AI University Lab

AI University Lab is a laboratory for Artificial Intelligence established in 2018 as a public private partnership between the University of Telecommunications and Posts, Sofia, Bulgaria (www.utp.bg) and Alliance Medica Capital Ltd. (www.alliance-medica.net)

Goals and Perspectives:

  • Development of innovative solutions and products using Artificial Intelligence
  • Exploring solutions in robotics in cooperation with leading international companies in that filed
  • Education and training of students from UTP and other BG Universities in the laboratory in respect to the developed applications and solutions, with the opportunity to participate in the R&D process and analysis
  • Establishing partnerships with other Universities and scientific organizations in respect to AI development

Main Expertise:

The company possesses the following main expertise and competences:

  • Expertise in telecommunications and software development; potential for developing of 5G projects
  • High scientific capacity and possibility of R&D
  • Experienced management with broad contacts in the Bulgarian and European industry, private sector and public administration
  • Highly qualified academic workers (professors, docents, doctors) and students, who can be involved in each company project, upon the specific requirements (over 1000 specialists)
  • Potential for developing of projects which involve teams of 50+ persons

Competitive Advantages:

We believe we can be your best partner based on the following competitive advantages we possess:

  • The integration between the public resources and the private investment; a symbiose where science is a base for realization of business projects and solutions
  • Possibility of very fast establishment of R&D teams for realization of different projects
  • Broad trade network and business contacts in Bulgaria and EU


For additional information about our projects, please contact us at:

Address: 1 Academic Stefan Mladenov Str., Sofia 1700, Bulgaria

Vasia Manolova, General Manager

Email: vasia.manolova@gmail.com;

Dimitar Seizov, Shareholder

Email: medcare-eu@yandex.com