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AI University Lab

AI University Lab

AI University Lab is a laboratory for Artificial Intelligence established in 2018 as a public private partnership between the University of Telecommunications and Posts, Sofia, Bulgaria (www.utp.bg) and Alliance Medica Capital Ltd. (www.alliance-medica.net)

The laboratory focuses on research and development of solutions and new products in the field of artificial intelligence, applicable to the private and public sector. Currently our team is working under development of projects for cyber security and defense, as well as, risk analysis and prevention for insurance companies.

Goals and Perspectives:

  • Development of solutions and products to serve to the public and private sector as a fundamental in providing their security, risk prevention and case management
  • Exploring solutions in robotics in cooperation with leading international companies in that filed
  • Education and training of students from BG Universities in the laboratory in respect to the developed applications and solutions, with the opportunity to participate in the R&D process and analysis
  • In 2019 the laboratory plans to become part of the EU supercomputers network

For additional information about our projects, please contact us at:

Address: 1 Academic Stefan Mladenov Str.

Sofia 1700, Bulgaria

E-mail: vasia.minkovska@gmail.com;