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Alliance Medica Capital Ltd. is a 100% privately owned Bulgarian company, established by its shareholders Dimitar Seizov and Vasia Minkovska. The company is a successor of Alliance Medica, which successfully completed a number of significant projects in the field of healthcare and information technologies. Part of the implemented projects in Bulgaria include:

– Project for building and equipping a center for visual diagnostics in Mbal Ruse.
The work on this project includes supply, installation and exploitation of MRI SIMENS MAGNETRON 1T. The project was implemented completely and subsequently it was transferred under the hospital management, with the center being fully functional. The transfer of the center was a result of an agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund.

– Project for PACS System for N.I.Pirogov
Alliance Medica has completed a project for supply, installation, exploitation and service of PACS system for archiving of video imagery from diagnostic equipment, together with German company called AGFA AG. The system is created in full response to the needs of the largest national medical institute – Multi-profile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment and Emergency Medicine “N.I.Pirogov”.

– Project for Information system for N.I.Pirogov
Another project completed with hospital N.I. Pirogov , still in operation today. The work included creating of information system for the hospital as well as database of existing medical records.

– Project for Information system for Bulgarian National Library
A project for digitalization of the archives and building of information system for the National Library “Cyril I Metodiy” was completed in 2007. The project included creation of software, database and digitalization of important library archives.

In addition, Alliance Medica was official representative of Bayer AG for Bulgaria during 2001 – 2004.